Time of the Month Mix 008

I always know when when summer is “officially here” by the amount of sweat puddling just below my back pockets. And there’s been a lot of puddling lately here in Baltimore. But, along with the humidity and the seemingly endless flow of salty liquid from my brow, June has delivered a slew of damn fine releases to score the start of Summer 2013.

As is the norm every summer, I picked up a slew of label compilations this past month. Among them are the AMAZING Acid Arab Collections: EP 1, a four track EP featuring I:Cube, Omar Souelyman, Boys In The Oud, and Acid Arab, which takes classical Middle Eastern rhythms and grinds them through a TB303. Also released this past June was the 10 year anniversary compilation of Ed Banger Records Ed Rec. Vol. X, which, aside from making me feel old, also featured new tracks from the likes of Mr. Oizo, Justice, Cassius, Mickey Moonlight, Feadz, and Sebastian. Although I mentioned it in last month’s post, Seclusiasis officially released what is probably my favorite of the Street Bass Bootlegs series – and not because I have a remix on it – in early June, and the Sound Pellegrino crew dropped what I believe to be their best compilation to date, Sound Pellegrino Presents SND.PE, Vol. 1. I have included my favorite track, “Buran” from that compilation, a collaboration between Djejotronic & Maelstrom.

June also saw the release of the much anticipated Kanye West record, Yeezus, which would’ve been a great album if Kanye West did a Hellen Keller and didn’t verbalize a single word on it. I can’t wait for the instrumentals (especially for “Black Skinhead”). For me, Yeezus was WELLLLLL overshadowed by the GENIUS Killer Mike & El-P LP, Run The Jewels, which is giving Ghostface a run for his money as my favorite hip hop record released this year. El-P proves, yet again, that he makes some of the best beats in hip hop (sorry Yeezus) and Killer Mike has finally find the perfect partner to help showcase his unflappable flow. Oh yeah, and Run the Jewels is free from the fine folks over at Fool’s Gold, so you have no excuse not to go and cop it. It’ll put hair on your chest.

There was a lot of internet ejaculation about the new Boards of Canada finally coming out in June. I always liked Boards, and I toss this one in among the other Boards records I’ve got collecting either real or digital dust. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed Tomorrow’s Harvest, but it’s not going to be on my iPhone come August. What I really wanna see is new record from The Avalanches. I would trade all the Boards of Canada for just five new Avalanches tracks.

The biggest surprises for me in June was the new Hyetal record, Modern Worship, and Mixhell‘s Spaces LP. It’s not that I didn’t already like the previous works of both acts, but HOLY FUCKING SHITBALLS I DID NOT think that either of these acts had THIS in them. Spaces is the best LP of 2013 released on consistently excellent Boys Noize Records. Former Sepultura drummer, Igor Cavalera, and his missus, deliver their best release of their decade long career. I can only hope Spaces gets the praise from the public and press it so rightly deserves.

Additionally, Hyetal delivers what is one of the more interesting electronic LP I’ve thus far heard in 2013 – a fusion of dreamy vocals, choppy hardware drums, and drone synths with a groove that’s surprisingly club ready. I included the original version of “Northwest Passage” on this month’s mix, but I HIGHLY recommend checking out Vessel‘s remix on the “Northwest Passage” single. Vessel does to “Northern Passage” what Starkey did to Danny Brown‘s “Grown Up” – he made a great song better. Trust my words.

Finally, June saw the motherfucking return of Dubstep. Well, not like Dubstep really went away, but it seemed to have had snorted a assload of Heisenberg blue meth, drank the government’s secret stash of Four Loko, and stayed up for a month straight listening to nothing but Iron Maiden’s Virtual XI and Metallica’s Load. But in June 2013, it’s back baby! Like it’s 2005!! Thank fucking Christ for Author and Swindle!! In a matter of weeks, Author’s Forward Forever and Swindle’s Long Live the Jazz may have just saved my beloved low end genre. Granted, last year’s Mala In Cuba was nothing short of a triumph, but, c’mon, it’s Mala. When has the godfather EVER disappointed? But now comes the young bucks who are not only paying homage to the brilliance of their elders, but, like the great jazz artists referenced on both LPs, are innovating the genre. I opened this month’s mix with Author’s “Aftertime (featuring Quark)” and included Swindle’s “Forest Funk”. For those who still doubt, listen, and you’ll see what I mean.

Next month I may just write entirely about the new Blondes record, Swisher, which I think comes out sometime in July. I got the promo copy of it a week or so ago and it has been on the daily repeat. Possibly my favorite electronic record thus far this year. But, until then, dry your pants, wipe the sweat from your brow, and fill up your earholes with Time of the Month Mix 008.


Time of the Month Mix 008 mixed by .rar Kelly by Grand Scheme PGH


Author – Aftertime (featuring Quark) [Black Box]
Justin Martin & Eats Everything – The Gettup [Dirtybird]
Hyetal – Northwest Passage (featuring Gwilym Gold) [True Panther]
I:Cube – Le Bon Vieux Temps [Versatile Records]
joeFarr – Big Jeff [Turbo Records]
Swindle – Forest Funk [Deep Medi]
Mixhell – White Ropes [Boys Noize Records]
Starkey & the Transponder Orchestra – Joules
Mickey Moonlight – Transitions [Ed Banger Records]
Djedjotronic & Maelstrom – Buran [Sound Pellegrino]
David Lynch – Star Dream Girl [Sacred Bones Records]
George Fitzgerald – Nighttide Lover (Trikk Re-Dub) [Hot Flush]
The Japanese Popstars – The Knock [Bedrock Records]
Blondes – Swisher [RVNG Intl.]
Suicideyear – Finale [Bromance]

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