Time of the Month 006 [April 2013]

Full disclosure: I was pretty drunk when recording this latest Time of the Month mix. It was a long, brutal Monday earlier this week, and there was 80 ounces of delicious National Bohemian waiting patiently in my fridge for my consumption. So if there are a few errors in this latest mix – notably around the Gorillaz tune – blame the stress of my day, and not the sweet sweet Boh.

Anyway, onto the write up…

Thanks to the international holiday that is Record Store Day, the month of April has really blossomed into being the month of music. And April 2013 was no exception. This past April also saw some BIG albums release in electronic music – notably, King‘s Koncepts; Grenier‘s Voids 3; Karl Hyde‘s Edgeland; Kastle‘s self-titled debut – as well as thunderous LPs from the Wu Tang Family via Ghostface Killah & Killah Priest. On a more personal note, I was especially excited for the release of House of Black LanternsTruth & Lost EP, and sweet fancy moses! did it deliver. Although not on this latest edition of Time of the Month, I was floored by House of Black Lanterns’ remix of Ghettozoid‘s “Boy Toy“. It sounds like a blind date in a leather dungeon….with Satan.

This past April was also the month that my Normaling compatriot, Lemz, remixed the frak outta Breach’s “Jack”, as well as his own original, “Ziren“. In the latter, Lemz flips the familiar sounds of a police cruise like Tavon White in the Baltimore Detention Center. Oh, and they’re both FREE DOWNLOADS.

April also saw the return of TNGHT with the single “Acrylics” – with the best use of a music box I’ve heard since Phillip Glass scored Candyman – as well as two AMAZING compilations from Gomma & ClerkClerkBoom. However, my most beloved track this April comes from my musical spirit animal – Andrew Weatherall – with his remix of Primal Scream‘s “2013″ from their forthcoming More Light (dropping Monday May 13th – eeeeeek!!!).

So enjoy the mix, and, if you can, enjoy it with two Natty Boh 40s. I know I did.

- Kellz

Download the mix via this Mediafire Link.

Track List
Grenier – Ascending
Chronophone – Eiffel in Love
Breach – Jack (Lemz Remix)
Frogs In Socks – Night Kaps (Justin Jay Remix)
Gorillaz feat. De La Soul & Gruff Rhys – Superfast Jellyfish (Evil Nine Remix)
Los Amigos Invisibles & Dimitri From Paris – Glad To Know You (Ray Mang’s Flying Dub)
Jimmy Edgar – Sex Drive (Scuba’s Dub Of Doom)
Trikk – Basement Traxx
TNGHT – Arcylics
Starkey – Nucleus (VIP)
Bert On Beats – Dab (Dj Sliink Remix)
Lemz – Ziren
Arcade – Pop Dat
Marvy – Piano Sex
The Glimmers – Awake
J Beatz vs. Dizzee Rascal – Sargent vs. Strings Hoe
French Fries – Yo Vogue (VIP)
Primal Scream – 2013 (Andrew Weatherall Remix)

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