It is officially Summer!  Sandcastle, Kennywood, and the polish hill pool are all open and Grand Scheme PGH is trying to make sure you “tank top tan” is strong.  For our summer 2 release Nugget, McFly, and myself all drank 40’z and watched “weekend at Bernie’s” while we brainstormed.  While most of the ideas that came from the viewing were about how to find a dead guy with a beach front property we did come up with this sweet ass Pineapple Hawaiian Keystone Pocket T’s.  Inspired by the movie and a shirt I picked up from the thrift store bearing the print you can seriously hold your sunglasses, wallet, switchblade, or beer in this keystone pocket.  If Bernie was from Pittsburgh….he’d have the hat to match.

Also in this Summer 2 collection you will not only find tank tops that can you get you that sweet “tank top tan” but increase your visibility.  It’s no secret that the state passed the 4ft law requiring motorists to give cyclist at least 4ft of clearance when passing, but I’m not sure the Port Authority Buses got the memo.  Our BACDAFUKUP logo T’s will give them a pleasant little reminder.  Printed with 3m reflective ink on an American apparel 100% ringspun cotton keeping you cool and bright.  Bright like a 376 east sign.

Last but not least we were fortunate to work with the homie JX4 and his art/creation house PENN SOUL for the ultimate snapback to match our Summer 1 DOUGHBOY shirt.  Dubbed the G-stone, JX4 designed the old English inspired “G” to engulf the “S” in scheme with the keystone highlight.  So if you don’t know we rep PA check yourself before you wreck your self because a DOUBYBOY T is good for your health.


Summertime is in full swing. We don’t have an ocean near Pittsburgh but we do just fine with these three rivers. We’ve re-created our new pocket tees to not only pay tribute to the Keystone state (PA) but also give off that beach vibe that we’re all craving this time of year. That being said, throw ya Ray Bans on, turn up the Bob Marley and somebody pick us up in a damn boat already.


Nothing goes better with a late night bike ride around the city than a roaring, glow in the dark hyena. To top it off, we threw a little message to all the driver’s who may be creeping up on you a little too close. BACDAFUKUP 4ft glowing on your back while you ride should help them realize they need to pump the brakes. While you’re at it, Onyx’s “Bacdafucup” album is a great soundtrack to beat the streets


Pittsburgh’s own Grand Scheme and Penn Soul have collaborated to bring you the G Stone snapback hat. The hat comes in black/white and navy/white colorways and features the brand new G Stone logo on the front in 3-D raised print plus Penn Soul & Grand Scheme text logo’s on the back


Maybe you’ve been hitting the gym extra hard. Maybe you’re just extra sweaty like us and need to go sleeveless. Or, maybe you’re trying to pull a Rambo and go undetected in the jungle. Whatever your situation may be, the hyena tiger camo tank top has you covered

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