HEATER READER – Top Shot All-stars

America is obsessed with reality TV and everyone in America thinks they are a reality TV star.  For the most part I wish I could single handedly destroy all reality TV  However there is one show I tolerate, and that’s Top Shot from the History Chanel.

The show takes top marksmen (shooters) in all types of fields, archery, 3 gun, pistols, rifle, and military weaponry) the shooters are challenged with different targets and obstacles that put their marksmanship, and nerves, to the test.  Teams are picked at the beginning of the season (so lame) and losing team sends two teammates to the “nomination rage” (each team member shoots the target of the person’s name they think is the weakest shooter.  It is the dumbest shit ever) the two members with the most votes go to an elimination challenge.  And the elimination challenges ends up being the most fun test of marksmanship.  Person who loses goes home.  So that’s the synopsis of the show.

For the past 2 seasons you could tell there was a constant struggle between the producers and the participants.  The producers tried their hardest to create “drama” with the nomination range, and the participants just wanted to shoot guns.  The show also struggled with the idea of being a reality show and a show on the History Channel.  This was evident though very details description and background history the host Colby went though for each of the weapons shot on the show.

Now its season 3 “ALL-STARS” and I feel as if the shooters won the battle over the producers.  No more teams. No more nomination range, just best shooter wins and the show is my favorite shit on Television! (Minus any show on HBO because HBO is not television)

So every Wednesday night pull out your firearms for a little cleaning/maintenance and watch some of the best marksmen in the world shoot some of the coolest weapons.

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